Grants for renters (ECO4)

[2022] Update ECO4 Grants for renters – PDF Guide

There is a new Government grant scheme called the Energy Company Obligation and it has £4 billion funding allocated to upgrade the least efficient homes in the UK. 

This very generous grant scheme is available to rented properties providing tenants meet the household eligibility rules. Landlords are often very happy if their rental properties qualify!

The grants are available now and tenants can use our free grant checker to see if they are eligible and if so, be connected with one of our 30+ Trusted Registered Installers with direct access to funding.

Download our guide for tenants

Download the guide

Our guide to ECO4 (updated for 2023) for renters explains the eligibility rules for grants. You can also use our personalised grant checker to see if you are eligible (and if you are not sign up for alerts regarding other grant schemes).

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