ECO4 Scheme Statistics

How Many Measures Have Been Completed at the Halfway Point of the ECO4 Scheme?

ECO4 Scheme Milestone: Reaching the Halfway Point

The latest data from Ofgem reveals what measures or grants UK households have received as part of the fourth phase of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4). Here we look at the measures completed to date and explore how UK homes have received energy-efficient improvements as part of the eco programme.

ECO Scheme Overview

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Scheme is a government-led initiative aimed at improving energy efficiency in homes across the UK. Launched in 2013, the scheme mandates that larger energy suppliers support the installation of energy-saving measures, such as insulation and heating upgrades in households. The primary goals are to:

  • reduce carbon emissions
  • alleviate fuel poverty, and
  • lower energy bills for consumers.

The ECO4 Scheme, the latest iteration, started in July 2022 and it is expected to run until March 2026 or whenever energy suppliers reach their obligation. As we reach the halfway point of ECO4, we take a look at the completed energy efficiency measures that have been installed in UK homes since inception of this scheme.

Analysing the Numbers

How many measures have been installed?

At the halfway point of the ECO4 Scheme (May 7 2024) , a total of 419,568 measures have been installed. These measures have been installed across 100,708 homes with each property getting on average of 4.17 measures installed in each UK home.

How many boilers have been installed?

The ECO4 Scheme has facilitated the installation of 45,138 measures relating to boiler grants:

  • just 63 condensing boilers upgraded
  • 37,164 non-condensing boilers upgraded (from inefficient heating systems)
  • 7,911 first time central heating systems on gas installed

Total = 45,138 boilers installed

Boiler Installations to date

How many air source heat pumps have been installed?

At the halfway point of the ECO4 scheme, a total of 19,416 heat pumps have been installed, including:

  • 13,194 heat pumps have been installed where properties previously had a condensing gas boiler
  • 6,222 heat pumps have been installed where properties had never had central heating previously

Total heat pumps installed = 19,416

Air Source Heat Pump Installations to date

How many storage heaters have been installed?

  • 3 efficient storage heaters have been replaced
  • 2,086 inefficient storage heaters have been upgraded to high heat retention storage heaters

Total properties which have had storage heaters installed = 2,089

How many walls have been insulated?

  • 17,394 homes have had cavity wall insulation installed
  • 30,538 homes have had solid wall insulation installed

Total walls insulated = 47,932

How many heating controls have been installed?

An impressive 217,035 heating controls have been installed, allowing households to better manage their energy usage, reduce overall consumption and enjoy the warmth of an efficiently heated home. This means that out of the total 100,708 Energy Company Obligation 4 projects which have been submitted, many homes would have two heating controls installed.

Total heating controls = 217,035

How many lofts have been insulated?

A total of 52,604 lofts have been insulated under the ECO4 Scheme, providing substantial energy savings for numerous households.

Total lofts insulated = 52,604

How many room-in-roofs have been insulated?

Room-in-roof insulation has been completed for 7,935 homes, enhancing the energy efficiency of these often under-insulated areas.

Total room-in-roofs insulated = 7,935

How many homes have had underfloor insulation?

Underfloor insulation has been installed in 1,170 homes, providing another layer of energy efficiency improvement under the ECO4 Scheme.

Total underfloor insulation = 1,170

How many park homes have been insulated?

The ECO4 Scheme has included the insulation of 460 park homes, ensuring these unique dwellings benefit from improved thermal performance.

Concerningly, it is estimated that around 69,000 householders currently residing in park homes in England and Wales and 3,314 residential mobile homes in Scotland, meaning the opportunity for the ECO4 scheme innovation measures is strong.

Total park homes in UK = 72,314

Total park homes in insulated = 460

% of park homes insulated = 0.64%

Insulation Measures at a Glance – Summary


How many solar installations have there been?

There have been 21,767 solar PV installations, contributing to the use of renewable energy sources in homes across the UK. Because solar can only be installed in homes with an efficient heating source, it means that 98.8% of homes that received a heating grant, such as a heat pump or Electric Storage Heaters, also had solar installed. 0% of properties with gas central heating have received solar panels as the scheme does not allow for solar to be installed in mains gas properties.

  • Solar installed alongside a heat pump where the property hadn’t previously had central heating = 6,222
  • Solar installed alongside Electric Storage Heaters (ESH) where the upgrade was an inefficient heater = 2,086
  • Solar installed alongside Electric Storage Heaters (ESH) where replacing ESH = 3
  • Solar installed where an inefficient boiler upgraded to a heat pump = 13,194

Total solar installations alongside a heating measure = 21,505

Total solar installed = 21,767

98.8% of homes that had solar also had efficient heating installed.

Only 262 solar installations weren’t accompanied by a heating upgrade.

ECO4 Scheme Benefits in Focus

Success Stories: Real-Life Impact of ECO4 – Tessa’s Story


★★★★★ Feedback received via email on May 25, 2024 from Tessa in Somerset, who received a whole-home upgrade that included an A-rated boiler, loft insulation, and advanced controls. Thanks to the ECO4 scheme and qualifying through Working Tax Credits, her household enjoyed 100% funding. The result? A dramatic boost in their EPC rating from a low E to a high C, translating to an impressive annual heating costs bill saving of £1,724.7.

Looking Ahead: What’s Next for ECO4?


As the ECO4 scheme progresses through its final two years, the focus will remain on reaching the targets set for energy efficiency improvements. This includes meeting the solid wall minimum requirement target. The energy companies will want to deliver the grants to low-income and vulnerable households in accordance with the ECO4 scheme to avoid getting hefty fines. Read more on our website about how individual energy companies are measuring up in meeting their obligations.

What Should I Expect in the Remaining Period of the ECO4 Scheme?

In the remaining period of the ECO4 Scheme, expect continued focus on installing energy efficiency measures, with a push towards meeting and exceeding targets for household improvements and carbon reduction.

How to Apply for the ECO4 Scheme

Applying for the ECO4 Scheme is straightforward. Households can get a free online assessment of eligibility. Once eligibility is confirmed, an accredited installer will assess your home and recommend suitable measures. The installation process will then be scheduled, ensuring that you can benefit from improved energy efficiency and reduced energy bills as soon as possible.

ECO4 Grants Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about the ECO4 Scheme

How Many Energy Efficiency Measures Have Been Completed So Far?

As of the halfway point of the ECO4 Scheme, 419,568 energy efficiency measures have been completed.

What Are the Most Commonly Installed ECO4 Measures?

The most commonly installed ECO4 measures include:

  • heating controls (217,035 installations)
  • solid wall insulation (30,538 installations), and
  • loft insulation (52,604 installations).

It is worth noting that while these are the most commonly installed measures, due to the minimum uplift rule, these measures would have been installed alongside a heating upgrade.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for ECO Grants?

Eligibility for ECO grants typically targets low-income and vulnerable households. There are a number of pathways to qualifying, but as a guide, criteria includes income thresholds, receipt of certain benefits, and living in poorly insulated homes.

Are Grants Available in England?

Yes, ECO4 grants are available to eligible households in England.

Are Grants Available in Scotland?

Yes, eligible households in Scotland can also apply for ECO4 grants.

Are Grants Available in Wales?

ECO4 grants are available to eligible households in Wales as well.

Where Can I Find Out More About Scheme Eligibility?

Use our free grant checker to see if you meet eligibility requirements. If you receive benefits such as Universal Credit, Pension Credit or even if you don’t claim benefits, you can still access funding through local authority flexible energy (ECO Flex) which allows people with health conditions or that are vulnerable to access these very generous home upgrade grants. If you’d like more information, email us.

Can I Still Apply for the ECO4 Grant at This Stage?

Yes, applications for the ECO4 grant are still open, but time is ticking! Beat the last-minute rush while upgrading funds remain.

At Energy Saving Genie, it’s our mission to connect as many eligible households to access the government energy grant programme and connect with Trustmark registered installers with direct access to funding. Our network of 30+ energy efficiency installers have contracts with all of the major energy suppliers.

Eligible households are encouraged to apply while there is funding available.

How Do I Find an ECO 4 Installer?

To find an ECO4 installer, use our free grant checker to be connected with one of 30+ registered installers with contracts in place with most of the obligated energy companies.

Take 23 Seconds to Check Your Eligibility

Our free grant checker simplifies the process for your scheme eligibility check. Find and apply for government energy-efficiency grants today.