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There are a range of UK government grants to provide much needed support to households throughout the UK but it is extremely complicated to get these grants.

We have been working with a range of advice organisations across the country to spread the word, but there are still many people out there who don’t know about the grants yet.
With our free and simple online tool, households can check eligibility and get their duly owed heating and insulation application submitted and connected with an installer in a matter of minutes. We would love you to help us spread the word, and we have created a dedicated press area with the latest press releases and information.

Energy-efficiency grants

#EnergySavingGenie helps UK households to make energy-saving changes in their home by identifying savings and grants and creating connections with trusted energy-saving businesses.

The UK Government has a commitment to tackling fuel poverty through its Energy Company Obligation Scheme.

As energy prices continue to rise and as we approach winter during a pandemic we are asking organisations to join us in raising awareness of the issue and the grants available.


Sample posts and imagery

The objectives for this promotional activity are to raise awareness of the Government's Energy Company Obligation Scheme amongst people living in fuel poverty.






Suggested Tweets and Facebook Posts

Have you made a claim for #UniversalCredit due to the Coronavirus? You could be eligible for a grant under the Energy Company Obligation scheme.

Know anybody that is worried about how they are going to keep warm & heat their homes this winter? Could they be eligible for a boiler or home insulation grant?

Hello Followers, Can You Help? It is getting colder and more and more people are living in fuel poverty. Help us to spread the word about the Government’s Energy Company Obligation Scheme.

Know someone that is claiming benefits and may need some assistance? The Government’s Energy Company Obligation Scheme offers grants towards heating upgrades and insulation. Check eligibility, apply and share now!

The Energy Company Obligation is a Government Scheme to reduce carbon emissions and make houses more energy efficient & it could save you heaps and reduce your energy bills. Find out if you qualify for a Grant at

Rising energy costs are a source of worry and are increasing the financial burdens on UK home owners. There are Government grants and options to improve the energy rating of your home and slash your energy bills. Don’t hesitate to reach out – we’d love to help take the pressure off.