What is a Boiler Grant 2021

What is a boiler grant and how can I apply for one in 2023?

Have you been thinking about how to keep your heating costs down? A good boiler will save you money on your bills, make your home more comfortable and help the environment by reducing carbon emissions. You are eligible for a boiler grant if you and your property meet the criteria of the grant scheme. If you are eligible, we will show you how to apply for a grant in 2023 so that you don’t miss out!

Energy saving is important — especially when it is cold and because we are all spending more time at home. Boiler grants are subsidies that can help you pay for some upfront costs when buying or replacing your boiler if it makes economic and environmental sense.

Boiler grants are available as part of the ECO scheme or Energy Company Obligation (ECO). The scheme gives out grants — not loans — which means that you don’t need to pay the money back. Boiler grants are given out to people who can improve the energy efficiency of their homes with a new boiler. The goal of this grant is two-fold: to save money by being more efficient and using less fuel, and also to conserve the environment and reduce carbon emissions.

What is a Boiler Grant?

1. What is a boiler grant? 

A boiler grant is a government funding scheme that can be used to replace and improve old boilers or install new ones. It’s not just about the money though — installing a good boiler will save you money on your bills, make your home more comfortable and help the environment.

Boiler Grants are available for homeowners in England, Scotland, and Wales. The grants are paid for by energy suppliers and the scheme was designed to help people in receipt of benefits or on a low income to switch to energy-saving options. The idea is that there will be a financial gain if their home is more efficient and having a brand-new boiler will save money on their bills.

If you are receiving certain benefits (such as child tax credits, disability living allowance, employment and support allowance, personal independence payments, working tax credits, income support, pension credit or universal credit), or if you have a low household income then there’s a good chance, you’ll be eligible for a government-backed grant to help with the cost of installing new heating. The grants typically cover between 25-75% of the cost of installing a new efficient boiler for home heating systems rather than an entire system replacement. Unfortunately, the funding levels have dropped and where there used to be free boiler grants only the largest inefficient properties qualify for a free boiler.

2. How to apply for a boiler grant in 2023

To apply for a boiler grant, you will need to fill in a short form and provide information about you and your property. You’ll need to enter your postcode and give details about the benefits you receive. You will get an immediate indication about whether you could be eligible for a grant and if you are, you’ll be given advice on the options available along with potential energy-efficiency savings.

You might be wondering how else to save energy in your home and if you’re eligible for any other grants and the short form will also check whether you are eligible for other energy-saving measures (such as cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, smart thermostats or underfloor insulation to name a few). There are many types of grants and what you are entitled to will vary according to where you live or the type of heating system you currently have at your property. You’ll find more information about these policies here.

Benefits of Upgrading your Boiler

3. The benefits of having a new boiler installed

One of the benefits of installing a new boiler, assuming you currently have an inefficient one, is that your heating bills will reduce. Generally, grants are available for boilers that are older than eight years old. But, if you’ve had your boiler for less than eight years, it could be worth applying. Especially if the boiler has faults or isn’t as efficient as you would like it to be.

Heating accounts for about 55% of your energy bill, so a nice efficient boiler can save you heaps in heating costs throughout the year. In some areas, there are also grants for smart thermostats or heating controls so you’ll be able to keep track of your energy usage.

What’s not to love about a grant that can help you save money on your heating bill while also making your home safer? It can be applied for by homeowners (unfortunately tenants and landlords aren’t eligible), and they only cover the cost of installing a new boiler rather than an entire heating system.

What you should consider before applying for a grant

4. What you should consider before applying for a grant

Boiler Grants are still a relatively new service in the UK, so there is plenty of information out there about how they work and what you need to do before applying. The first step is to decide whether your boiler needs replacing, which will involve an initial assessment of its age and condition. If it’s past its best then this may be the first time you ever need to think about getting a new one.

As well as being installed by an authorised member of Trustmark, there needs to be evidence that the property is eligible. The installer will need to carry out a survey of your property and they’ll need to take pictures of your existing heating and they may also ask you about any previous heating systems before a decision can be made on whether your property qualifies to receive financial support.

If your boiler is more than 8 years old or has been in need of repair, you’ll probably see the greatest reduction in your energy bills. The energy companies fund the scheme and while there used to be free boiler grants, they are rarely free now (in 2023). The grant will usually cover some of the installation costs but in most cases not all of it.

Who can apply for a boiler grant and how much does it cost

5. Who can apply for a boiler grant and how much does it cost? 

This grant scheme is open to low-income households in the UK. To see if you qualify for a grant, you can enter your postcode and then answer a few questions on the Energy Saving Genie website to see how much you might get and how much you would be expected to pay towards the installation The good news is that if there are any contributions to pay, these can be paid in instalments.

You’ll need to receive one of the qualifying benefits: armed forces independence payment, attendance allowance, carer’s allowance, child benefit, child tax credits, constant attendance allowance, disability living allowance, income-based employment and support allowance, income support, industrial injuries disablement benefit, income-based jobseeker’s allowance, pension guarantee credit, personal independence payment, severe disablement allowance, tax credits, universal credit, war pensions mobility supplement and working tax credit.

There is no income limit if you receive one of these benefits. The scheme is also available if you receive child benefit but if child benefit is the only benefit you receive, you’ll also need to meet additional criteria.

If you don’t claim benefits, you might still be eligible if your annual household income meets the rules of your local authority through their LA Flexible Energy scheme.

So, if your boiler is old and inefficient don’t delay in applying. The rules could change at any time and you don’t want to keep paying high bills for longer than you need to.

Who can apply for a boiler grant and how much does it cost

6. Where to find out more information about boiler grants and how to apply!

We recommend visiting our website to see if you are eligible for a grant.

There’s more information about this government scheme and you can easily see if you qualify by answering a few questions.

On the Energy Saving Genie website, you might also find lots of ways to save money. In addition to boiler grants, you could be eligible for other grants including heating, insulation, smart thermostats.

We hope that this blog has offered some insight into why you may qualify for a new boiler grant in the UK and how to get started!  

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Here at Energy Saving Genie, we love to help you save money on your energy bills. Boiler grants are just one way to do this, and we want you to know that there is help out there for those who need it! Whether you need a new boiler, heating system, or insulation, these grants are up for grabs and they could make a big difference to your energy bills. See if you qualify here >

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