First Time Central Heating Grant

What is a First Time Central Heating Grant? FAQs answered

Do you have a property that needs a central heating system? A first time central heating grant may be the answer to your prayers. A first-time central heating grant is available for properties that have never had central heating before where the home owner or tenant meets eligibility rules. This FAQ list answers all of your questions about central heating grants and will tell you everything that you need to know before applying.

FAQs about first time central heating grants

Is there a central heating grant scheme?

Yes. The UK Energy Company Obligation Scheme is a grant scheme that provides funding for energy-efficiency measures such as heating upgrades or insulation. To be eligible for a first time central heating system your property needs to have never had central heating before. If your home has had central heating previously you won’t be eligible for a full system but you might be eligible for a boiler grant instead.

Would I qualify for the first time central heating scheme?

You won’t be eligible for a central heating system if your home has previously had central heating. You might, however, still qualify for a boiler grant which could help you keep on top of gas and electricity bills. If that’s the case we’ll show you how to apply too! You can can check whether you are eligible here.

Do I get radiators with the first time central heating grant?

Yes. Radiators are included in a first time central heating grant and you’ll also get fitting, installation and warranties included in the service. The funding is provided by a government scheme called the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

Do I need to be a homeowner to qualify for first time central heating grant?

You need to be the homeowner or a private tenant or social housing tenant, living in a home that meets the criteria. If you are not sure what this means then visit our blog post for more information. We’ll show you if your home is eligible and how to apply too!

Are private tenants eligible for first time central heating grants?

Yes. If you are a tenant living in a rented property you can apply for a grant. Grants are only available at properties with an EPC rating of A, B, C. D or E and landlord permission is always required when completing the grant application process (the installer can help!)

Are housing association tenants eligible for first time central heating grants?

Yes. If you live in a Housing Association you might be eligible for a grant for first time central heating. However, grants are only available on properties with Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of E, F or G. If you don’t know the EPC rating for your property you can look it up at

How much could I get for a first time central heating grant?

The cost of installing central heating for the first time can vary and will depend on the type and size of the property you live in. It could cost anything between £2,300 to £5,500 to have it installed in your home. You’ll find out what you are entitled to when your home meets the criteria. For more information on eligibility visit our blog post!

What is a first time central heating grant for?

The grant will be spent on things like fitting, installation and parts such as the boiler, pipes and radiators. The funding is paid directly to the installer by the energy company and comes with a range of warranties and industry standards that dictate how the central heating is installed. For example, the number of radiators, the type of piping used, the presence of thermostatic radiator valves.

Do I qualify for a grant for first time central heating?

You might be eligible if you’re on a low income or are getting certain benefits. Benefits that automatically qualify you for the grant include:

Armed Forces Independence Payment

Attendance Allowance

Carer’s Allowance

Child Tax Credit

Constant Attendance Allowance

Disability Living Allowance

Employment and support allowance (income-related)

Income Support

Jobseeker’s allowance (Income-based)

Industrial injuries disablement benefit

Mobility supplement

Pension Credit (guarantee)

Personal independence payment

Severe disablement allowance 

Universal credit 

War Pension Mobility Supplement

Working tax credit

If you receive one of these benefits , you are eligible for the grant. Additionally Child Benefit is an eligible benefit but if Child Benefit is the only benefit you receive you also need to me

If I don’t claim benefits could I be eligible for a grant for first time central heating?

Yes! You might be able to get a central heating grant even if you don’t claim benefits. As a general rule if your household income is less than £25,000 per annum and your property has an EPC Rating E, F or G it is likely that you will qualify for a grant.

If mains gas central heating isn’t possible in my area can I still get a grant for first time central heating?

Yes! Connecting to mains gas is not a requirement. The grant can be used towards the cost of an alternative heating technology, such as calor gas central heating. Plus there’s loads of funding for insulation in off gas properties and they are usually fully-funded which means they’ll be nothing for you to pay. Just free upgrades that will save you heaps on your energy bills.

What if I don’t have a gas supply or gas meter at my property?

No problem! You can still get the grant. It might take a little longer than it would if you had a gas supply and meter installed at your property. But, we can help you apply for a fully-funded gas line for your property from one of our funding partners. We are reliant on the gas transporter to install the gas line which can take some time but the sooner you apply the sooner your gas line will be installed.

What if I have a gas supply but I don’t have a gas meter at my property?

You can apply for a gas meter from your chosen energy supplier. Usually it will be free if it is a new connection although some energy companies do charge for meters. We can help with the installation of a gas meter for your property. Just get in touch and we’ll tell you which energy companies are free and which we’d recommend (some have long wait times and others are really quick so we can provide the latest advice on how the energy companies are doing).

What if I have an electric heating system and can’t access mains gas?

The grant is only available for properties that use other types of heating such as oil or LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), Electric, Oil or Solid Fuel. For these property types the Central Heating Grant is available but instead of connecting to mains gas a LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) tank can be provided. To be eligible the property must not have previously had any central heating. This usually means that your property won’t have had any radiators.

How do I know if my property has a gas supply or gas meter?

If you don’t know whether your property has a gas supply or gas meter you can look it up on the Find My Supplier website at

If you think that a central heating system might be the answer for you and your property, then we encourage you to check whether you are eligible. The application process is quick and easy and we recommend applying as soon as you can as the rules can change at any time. Our form asks all the important questions so you can see straightaway if you qualify.

Whether or not you are eligible for this grant, make sure that you fill in your details as there are a range of other grants that will help you to heat your home in winter without breaking the bank!