LPG Boiler Replacement Options

Free LPG Boiler Replacement – Have You Checked For Grants?

According to the UK government, LPG boilers are not as energy efficient as more modern heating alternatives. If you currently have an LPG boiler and are looking for replacement options, you could be eligible for a free government grant to pay for an alternative heating system.

The grants are very generous and cover 100% of the costs to upgrade your heating. In many cases households get free insulation and in some cases free Solar PV. If you would like a free home upgrade paid by the Government take 23 seconds out of your day to check if you are eligible using our free grant checker.

Why Replace Your Broken LPG Boiler

Before diving into the nitty-gritty details of alternative heating systems, it’s essential to understand why replacing your LPG boiler with a fully-funded replacement is a good idea.

  1. Energy Efficiency: Older LPG boilers tend to be less efficient, leading to higher energy bills. Modern heating systems are designed to be more energy-efficient, saving you money in the long run.
  2. Environmental Impact: LPG boilers emit greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change. Upgrading to a more eco-friendly heating system can reduce your fossil fuel output (and consequently, your carbon footprint).
  3. Reduced Maintenance: Older boilers require more frequent maintenance and repair, leading to additional costs. Modern heating systems are often more reliable and come with warranties.
  4. Safety: Old LPG boilers can pose safety risks. Modern systems incorporate advanced safety features.
  5. Government Incentives: The UK government is offering a whopping £4 billion in grants via the ECO (Energy Company Obligation) scheme. These grants are free and worth as much as £20,000 per property for homeowners looking to switch to renewable and energy-efficient heating systems (with nothing to pay for eligible properties).

Best Replacement For LPG Boilers

Before you start the boiler replacement process, you’ll need to consider the right type of heating for your home. Here are the main alternative heating types:

Gas Boilers

Natural gas boilers are one of the most common heating sources in the UK but for the majority of households with LPG boilers they can’t access the main gas grid so it won’t be possible to switch to a mains gas boiler.

Electric Boilers

Electric boilers are a clean and efficient option, but they can be expensive to install and run in the long term. Electric boilers aren’t currently offered in the Government’s fully funded grant options unfortunately.

Biomass Boilers

These boilers use organic materials, such as wood pellets or logs, to generate heat. They are environmentally friendly but may require more space for fuel storage.

Heat Pumps

Air source and ground source heat pump technology is a renewable energy source that can efficiently heat your home. They are environmentally friendly, and the cost of installation can be offset by a government grant.

Researching Grants and Financing

Before paying any money out you need to first check if you’re eligible for any government grants or incentives to help offset or pay for your boiler replacement costs. The UK government has various schemes to promote energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, and in some cases at no cost to the applicant. The Government wants anyone with an LPG boiler to switch to a more energy-efficient heating system and they will often pay for the upgrade for you.

The ECO4 grant scheme has the most funding to support energy efficient heating system upgrades to your home. Our free grant checker will let you know immediately if you qualify (it only takes 23 seconds to complete!).

There is also a relatively large amount (£1 billion) of government funding for the boiler upgrade scheme (BUS) offering boiler replacement grants. If you’d like more information on the BUS you can start here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are there any government incentives to replace my LPG boiler?

Yes, the UK government offers various incentives and grants to encourage energy-efficient boiler replacements. There is £4 billion available via the Energy Company Obligation Scheme to upgrade inefficient homes., and if you have an LPG boiler it’s likely you would qualify. Check the latest schemes and eligibility criteria or alternatively, use our free grant checker to check if you can access any government grants (you just need to supply your postcode to get started).

Can I switch from LPG to another heating source during the replacement?

Yes, it’s possible to switch from an LPG gas boiler to another heating source, such as a natural gas boiler (if your home is linked to the mains gas grid) or renewable energy systems. The first step is to check if you qualify for government funding to fund your boiler replacement. While mains gas boilers are cheaper to run than LPG boilers it’s not an option for many in off gas areas but there are other energy efficient options such as air source or ground source heat pumps.

How long does the replacement process take?

The duration of the replacement process can vary based on the type of heating system and the complexity of the installation. It is going to take at least a day but in some cases  it may take a few days.

Will I need to replace my radiators as well?

In most cases, you won’t need to replace your radiators when upgrading your boiler. However, if your radiators are old and inefficient, it might be a good time to consider upgrading them for improved heating performance. Under the ECO scheme, you could also have new radiators installed for free as part of a heat pump upgrade.

Is the government planning to phase out LPG boilers?

The UK government has committed to a net-zero target by 2050, however LPG -powered and oil-powered boilers will be banned for new homes from 2035 onwards. If you are tempted to switch you can check your eligibility now for grants to fund an alternative heating system.


Replacing your LPG boiler is an important decision. If you make the wrong choice you can end up with high installation costs and an unsuitable replacement heating system. However, with the new Government grants available under the Energy company Obligation you could transform your household budget and slash your heating costs, reduce your environmental impact, and save a fortune. All it takes is 23 seconds to see if your property qualifies for a fully-funded upgrade

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