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As we reach what could be the halfway mark of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme's fourth phase,

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An Introduction to NHS Referrals by GPsImagine the difference you could make to the basic living conditions of

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ECO4 Scheme Milestone: Reaching the Halfway Point The latest data from Ofgem reveals what measures or grants UK

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As energy costs continue to rise, UK homeowners are increasingly looking for ways to make their homes more

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The latest statistics from Ofgem reveal how UK energy suppliers are performing against their ECO4 targets.There have been

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As springtime blossoms across the UK, Energy Saving Genie is launching an urgent outreach campaign to UK charities. After

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Thousands of UK homes eligible to receive Government funding to help address fuel poverty are still not getting

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There is £4 billion of funding available as part of the UK Government's Energy Company Obligation grant scheme.

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If you are considered vulnerable you could be eligible for the Government's £4 billion Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

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According to the UK government, LPG boilers are not as energy efficient as more modern heating alternatives. If