ECO4 Flex Guidance for Local Authorities

Ofgem Releases Guidance Document for Local Authorities on ECO4

Energy regulator Ofgem have released a new guidance document for Local Authorities on the Energy Company Obligation (ECO4). The document provides clear instructions on how Local Authorities can start participating in ECO4 – and those that are already involved can ensure they are getting the most out of the scheme.

The guidance document provides information for local authorities but is also useful for installers and applicants as it details processes and how to apply for funding, including what evidence will be required to support applications.

The ECO4 grant scheme is a great opportunity for local authorities to take action to provide much-needed support for fuel poverty applicants in their areas.

Local authorities are being urged to publish their statement of intent for ECO4 so that their residents can apply for grants and improve the energy efficiency of their homes

View the document here.

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