UK Grants: Help Households Get Eco Grants Before It's Too Late!

UK Grants: Help Households Get Eco Grants Before It’s Too Late!

As springtime blossoms across the UK, Energy Saving Genie is launching an urgent outreach campaign to UK charities. 

After a refreshing bank holiday weekend, we’re keenly aware that although the sun is shining now, winter will soon be back, bringing with it the challenges of cold weather and soaring energy bills.

We are asking organisations to join us in raising awareness of the UK eco grant scheme that provides assistance for households living in fuel poverty.


  • About the UK eco grant scheme
  • A Critical Juncture: Half of Funding Already Allocated
  • How Charities Can Help to Spread the Word
  • Why Act Now?
  • Join Us in Making a Difference
What is the eco grant scheme?

About the UK eco grant scheme

The UK eco (energy company obligation) grant scheme was introduced by the UK government to reduce carbon emissions and tackle fuel poverty. It is available in England, Scotland and Wales, and the scheme requires each energy supplier to offer energy saving grants to low-income and vulnerable households.

Households can qualify through having a health condition that makes them vulnerable to the effects of living in a cold home (most pensioners will qualify through this route). Households can also qualify through having a low-income, or by receiving benefits such as employment and support allowance, income support, jobseekers allowance, housing benefit, universal credit, pension credit guarantee credit and pension credit savings credit to name a few. There are a range of ways to qualify for an eco grant, and there is an additional eco flex pathway that has further widened the qualifying criteria.

In collaboration with charities and advice organisations across the nation, our goal is simple: to help eligible applicants secure government grants for insulation and heating.

There are a range of heating grants available as part of the eco scheme, and often the grant includes loft insulation, wall insulation and ventilation.

The eco grant scheme illustrated

A Critical Juncture: Half of Funding Already Allocated

We’re at a crucial point in the eco scheme: half of the available funding for government insulation and heating grants has already been allocated. The clock is ticking, and many families are still unaware that they qualify for these grants. While half of the £4 billion of funding has been allocated, there’s still £2 billion up for grabs.

Unfortunately, the application process can be overwhelming, and our most vulnerable community members often miss out on essential support. That’s why we’ve created our Free Grant Checker—a simple online tool to help people navigate the complicated rules and secure the grants they deserve. With so many families still unaware of the scheme, now is the perfect time for us all to step up.

Half of the £4 billion of eco funding has already been allocated

How Charities Can Help Spread the Word

We’re calling on charities to feature a link to our Free Grant Checker on their websites. By doing so, you can offer a lifeline to those who need it most. Adding this link is a small step for you, but it can be life-changing for struggling households.

Here’s how you, as a charity or advice organisation, can join us in this vital mission:

  1. Add a Link: Place a link to our Free Grant Checker on your website.
  2. Share on Social Media: Spread the word by sharing our tool on your social media platforms.

We’ll even help you to report on how you have helped your audience with their energy bills by providing a unique URL for you share. If you’d like us to provide this please drop us a message and we can create a unique URL for your organisation. We’ll then keep you updated on how many people you’ve helped and the annual savings they’ve made.

While £2 billion has been spent there is still £2 billion of funding available

Why Act Now?

Age UK estimate that around one in eight (12%) households in the UK, which is the equivalent of 3.4m households, will experience fuel poverty this winter. Many of these households could get relief through the eco grant scheme.

Together we can end fuel poverty

Join Us in Making a Difference

With half of the funding already used up and winter creeping closer each day, every moment counts. By acting now, you can help countless individuals avoid a last-minute scramble to secure energy saving grants for their homes, and in turn help them save money on their energy bills.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can households check eligibility and apply for these ECO Grants?

It is really easy to check eligibility and apply for funding, just enter your address into our free grant checker for an immediate result. If your property meets the eligibility requirements, you will be connected to an installer covering your area. The installer will come to your property, and if the property qualifies, the installation will be arranged. There’s nothing to pay and there are no obligations associated with the assessment.

Will I be eligible for a grant if my home has an epc with a d rating?

Currently energy companies are only accepting properties with an E rating or lower. Properties with a band d rating may be accepted in the future.

Do you need to be in receipt of a benefit to qualify?

No, you can qualify through the income, health or vulnerable routes (often referred to as ‘eco flex’, ‘la flex’ or ‘flexible energy’).

How long does it take to get an installation?

It can vary by installer and the time of the year, but we have found that applications are very quick if the installer has all of the necessary documentation to meet the evidence requirements (administered by Ofgem).

What are the Child Benefit eligibility rules?

If Child Benefit is the only benefit you receive, you need to meet income rules. You can check this on the grant checker. These income rules don’t apply if you receive any of the other benefits listed.

Can I use my own installer?

In most cases you wouldn’t be able to use your own installer, as the installer needs to have a contract with an obligated supplier (such as British Gas, Ovo Energy, Scottish Power, EDF Energy, Octopus Energy, Npower or any of the other obligated energy suppliers). At Energy Saving Genie our installers have contracts with all of the major energy suppliers.  We can match applicants with the installer where the application is most likely to be successful, and the installer processes the application on your behalf.

What Grants are available?

Heating options available through the grant scheme include upgrading non-condensing boilers, inefficient storage heaters, old LPG, oil or solid heating systems to newer more efficient heating systems. The main heating grants (known as eco measures) available include; A-rated boilers for properties with a gas connection, installation of a heat pump, and some properties will qualify for high-heat retention storage heaters with Solar PV.

I don’t want a new boiler, can I get insulation instead?

If you just want insulation you could be eligible for the Great British Insulation Scheme. This is an additional UK government grant scheme providing insulation measures such as cavity wall insulation, roof or loft insulation and solid wall insulation, and the scheme has both a low-income and general group.

What if I don’t qualify for the eco grant scheme?

There are other schemes such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme, the Home Upgrade Grant and Great British Insulation Scheme. You can check eligibility and apply for these through our free grant checker. Just enter your postcode to see your energy performance certificate (EPC) rating and grant options for your home.

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